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SF Apartment Association Magazine June Issue

Wild Harvest Sauvignon Blanc wine is placed on a wooden crate outdoors. A bundle of lavendar is beside the bottle. The scene is set in a vineyard with rows of grapevines visible in the background.

Robert Reed from Recology shares how food scraps that become finished compost applied to farms improves soil health, helps sequester carbon, increases production, and leads to the production of healthier food (and wine of course).

Every year after harvest, we apply compost from San Francisco’s curbside food scrap collection program. The banana and orange peels, coffee grounds, natural wine corks, etc. from the bay area are turned into this compost at a facility east of SF. 

Check out the full article “Compost Crusaders” in the June issue of San Francisco Apartment Association Magazine, pages 20-28. So thankful to have our small lot Wild Harvest Sauvignon Blanc showcased in the article from Cordero Vineyards.

Every year, we have our “mowers” come on site in the Spring. The sheep came two weeks ago along with Luna and Cinder, Livestock Guardian pups that stay with the sheep and protect them from predators. They do a great job, even at 5 months old! Cori and team from Napa Pasture Protein bring them to the ranch then move them around confined zones to eat down the grass before moving to the next section. Several of the ewes were pregnant when they arrived and we have over a dozen lambs now, with several sets of twins!

Cattle from Lauritsen Ranch came on site this week and calves have already been born! Thanks to Kelly and family for bringing their beautiful animals to graze again this year. A trip is needed to Wilson’s Feed & Supply to get alfafa cubes for treats toot sweet! 

WineBusiness press release from Napa County on use of compost to support healthy soils in vineyards.


Our tractors and mowers (and us) are anxiously awaiting the completion of the Ag Barn to provide shelter and room to stretch out! Check back for more updates as we head towards a summer opening!