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Our Vineyards

With elevations of 500’ to over 800’, the land is perfectly suited to grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot to Sauvignon Blanc, vines that thrive in the Napa Valley climate. For over 15 years, the Lamb Family has worked to build the vineyard and its surrounding land into the property it is today.

The sustainable efforts put into practice by Deb and Eric are evident throughout this beautiful vineyard. From the ground up you see that the soil is healthy, rich, and teaming with life. The vines are thriving in this environment and the ecosystems around are balanced and in sync with farming operations. It is a beautiful partnership of intentional farmers, happy animals, and incredible people. These benefits are realized in their outstanding wine.
Cori Carlson
Owner, Napa Pasture Protein
Vineyard Map by Varietal

The ranch is a Certified California Sustainable Vineyard. Cordero Vineyards has achieved the California Sustainable Winegrowers Alliance certification for the last 3 years. Our sustainable efforts were highlighted in CCS Quarterly Action Plan Spotlight


Soil Management

Soil management includes planting covercrops to improve soil nutrients, applying compost from Recology that also increase soil nutrients and promote microbial activity, and periodic soil tests and analysis.

Pest Management

Natural pest management strategies to control rodents and insects include encouraging predators with owl and bluebird boxes. No pesticides are used on property.

Weed Management

Mechanical weed control is used in place of herbicides. This includes in-row discing and hand shoveling. Covercrops and compost also contribute to the reduction of weeds.

Rotational Grazing

Sheep are brought on each spring from Napa Pasture Protein to "mow" the grass in the vineyards before bud break, add carbon into the soil and keep surrounding hillsides free of tall grass. Cattle from the Lauritsen Ranch are also brought on property from Spring - Fall to further mitigate wild fire risk.

Renewables and Electrification

PV panels with battery backup provide power to EV vehicles, structures, and weather stations. A Monarch EV tractor is being piloted for various applications including mowing, harvesting, and compost spreading in the vineyards.


Cordero Vineyards is in it's second year of California Sustainable Winegrowers Alliance (CSWA) certification. This began with an assessment of current practices and plans to drive improvements in year one. Continued participation in the program with action plans forces accountability and a drive to challenge and reduce GHG emissions year on year.


To keep this small family farm viable for future generations, Cordero Vineyards and Lost Valley Ranch Wines joined Save the Family Farms, an organization dedicated to preserve Napa Valley's small family farm heritage through supporting micro-producers and responsible land stewardship.

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